Lessons Learned in Combating Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Using Community-Led Nudges

Vaccinations are one of our greatest public health successes to date, averting 2-3 million child deaths every year. They are one of the most cost-effective and evidence-based medical interventions available, responsible for a huge reduction in the global burden of infectious diseases. Yet, 19 million children fail to receive their basic vaccinations before their first birthday each year—one child globally will die every minute from a vaccine-preventable disease.

In this online event,
  • We will discuss what effective altruism is, and how we think about poverty, health and international development.
  • Varsha Venugopal, Co-founder of Suvita, will share her experience with community-led nudges to reduce the prevalence of vaccine-preventable diseases in India, as well as other international development related topics.
  • There will be a Q&A session too!
If you care about doing good in more effective ways, come join us in this event to find out more about how you can make a difference in the world. This event is for anyone, even if you are new to international development and effective altruist concepts! If you want to get up to speed, it might be helpful to read this cause area profile as well as this write-up before the event.

In addition to organising events like this, EA Singapore also works with academics, researchers, students, donors, philanthropists, social impact organisations, and corporations to discuss, connect and share ideas on how to do good more effectively.

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The photo of the woman in the background of our banner is taken by Loren Joseph.
Thu Jul 23, 2020
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Online event
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